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Gathering The Flock: Sailor Moon Style

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Welcome all!
Sailor Moon is a very popular Japanese animation. It happens to be one of my favorites. I live, breathe, sleep and even eat it, just joking about a few. Consequently, if you are the same, you came to the right site. Ever since I heard about Sailor Moon,  I had a strong interest for it. I loved how Naoko Takeuchi drew the characters and the interaction with each other. With this in mind, I started to collect everything with Sailor Moon in or on it. Then later on, I decided to make a website about Sailor Moon to admire the creator and author of the series that I loved so much. And now, I am still a collector of Sailor Moon Items. Well, as you see I am making a website, which you are on now, contributes to the series. I will also add my drawings I drew of different characters up here. I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction for my brand new site, and thanks… for coming!!


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