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Gathering The Flock: Sailor Moon Style

In the Begining...

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      In the beginning, there was a Moon Kingdom. This Kingdom was on the Earth’s Moon. This kingdom was ruled by Queen Serenity. She was a beautiful young woman who ruled over the Earth and its moon. Queen Serenity gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name was Serena, Princess Serena. 3 years later, when Princess Serena was 4 years old, her mother (Queen Serenity) called for the other Princesses from the other planets to meet her daughter, Princess Serena. She told them “When you get older, your duties will to be to protect their princess, Princess Serena and their future ruler Neo-Queen Serenity”. 12 years afterwards, On Princess Serena’s 16 birthday her mother threw her a birthday bash.


. Queen Serenity ask for all of the other planets’ princesses to come, all of the princess’ friends to come and all of the planet protectors to join in as well. At Princess Serena’s Birthday Bash, Princess Serena saw a young man in silver, black and red armor standing near the palace balanstir. She walks near him and started to talk to him. A few months went by, Princess Serena now knew this young man. He was the Earth’s protector and his’ name was Darien, Prince Darien. Soon as the got used to each other, Prince Darien fell madly in love with the princess.

Princess Serena felt the same way as well. They were young lovers. 2 months went by again, this time Prince Darien had to leave the Moon Kingdom due to the Earth being attack by Queen Beryl and the Negaverse. He stayed for awhile as long as he could give his goodbyes especially to his love, Princess Serena. Princess Serena did not want him to leave. She begs and cried to him. Her mother told her that the Earth’s defense needed him. Princess Serena ran off to her room and started to cry again as she laid down on her bed. Meanwhile, Prince Darien left for Earth as he leaves with the other Planets’ protectors, Queen Beryl and the Negaverse attacks the Moon Kingdom. Queen Serenity watched her Kingdom being torned down.


While this was happening, Queen Serenity was looking for her daughter but little that she know her daughter was already dead. Princess Serena was killed due to the room collapsing on her. Queens Serenity did not want her daughter and the future to end this way.


So with her last breathe standing near her guardian cats, Luna and Artemis, she tells them about her plan in removing Queen Beryl and Negaverse and sending the future of the Moon Kingdom to Earth by reincarnating them. As she finished talking, she takes out her Silver Imperial Crystal and the Moon Rod. She places the crystal on the Moon Rod and cast the spell when she finishes the casting of the spell she passed away. And as she dies she drops the Moon Rod and the Silver Imperial Crystal, They vanished. After she casted the spell, Luna and Artemis was also sent to the future to watch over and take care of the future princesses and to find the future Neo-Queen Serenity.


Centuries after the Moon Kingdom was destroy, which brings us to the 20th century, this is where we find our new Sailor Scouts (other planets’ princesses) and our guardian cats. And there job is to find the Princess. ^_^


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