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Gathering The Flock: Sailor Moon Style

Mala-Kun's SM Quiz Master: Answer at own risk!

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There are 3 different levels of these quizzes!
Quiz 1.1-1.5 = is 5 easy level quizzes <1.1-1.3 ready>
Quiz 2.1-2.3 = is 3 medium level quizzes <Not Ready!>
Quiz 3.1-3.9 = is 2 easy, 2 medium, and 5 hard levels quizzes <Not Ready!>
@Note: No answers will be posted up here, email your answers to the creator

Quiz 1.1


  1. Which Sailor Scout is from an extremely rich family and doesn’t know what to do about the opposite sex?
  2. Which Sailor Scout’s parents died when she were younger?
  3. Which Sailor Scout is more likely to run away from the cops and gets excited when Idols are near?
  4. Which Sailor Scout has more than one pet and loves to sing?
  5. Which Sailor Scout loves to stalk people dear to them and eat almost anything except for veggies?
  6. Which Sailor Scout never shows her weak side and dresses like a man?
  7. Which Sailor Scout has gorgeous long hair and loves helping people?
  8. Which Sailor Scout has the body of a vixen and the spiritual talent of music?
  9. Which Sailor Scout was reborn as a child again and is physically weak?
  10. Which Sailor Scout have a voice of an angel and falls in love with anyone who looks like their crush?
  11. Which Sailor Scout is rude towards others and really seems to enjoy being around Luna?
  12. Which Sailor Scout loves to read and doesn’t believe in romantic views of the Astral Space?

Quiz 1.2


  1. Who is physically strong, quick temper, and is in great shape?
  2. Who has great grades, loves to read, and great with computers?
  3. Who has no friends, except for the outer Sailor Scouts, extremely lonely and is a great mentor?
  4. Who loves attention, great in sports, but sucks at medical care?
  5. Who is an idol, plays football, and loves to flirt?
  6. Who loves being bossy, in touch with their spiritual side and have the power to summon to a great fire?
  7. Who is whiny, thoughtful and a terrible cook?
  8. Who has a short temper, crazy about Idols, and loves to ice skate?
  9. Who has beautiful green eyes, loves animals, and stay by themself?
  10. Who practice to steal items from Serena, hypnotize people and is very afraid to be alone?
  11. Who has found their soulmate, loves swimming, and enjoys playing music?
  12. Who have never found inner peace, enjoy company, and has a dark secret?
  13. Who is an Idol, enjoy talking to others and likes their quiet time?


Quiz 1.3


  1. What Sailor Scout is naïve, drools over gorgeous guys, and willing to save anyone?
  2. What Sailor Scout has a crave for red meat, loves composing music and somewhat arrogant?
  3. What Sailor Scout is extremely quiet, hate cockroaches and bound to a sad life?
  4. What Sailor Scout has the element of water, likes to play chess and likes the color blue?
  5. What Sailor Scout has blue eyes, has been to England and represents the symbol of grace and natural beauty?
  6. What Sailor Scout’s passion is to become as fast as the wind and is very dominating?
  7. What Sailor Scout likes to paint and also can play the violin and piano?
  8. What Sailor Scout’s body was genetically modified to keep her from dying ?
  9. What Sailor Scout loves pudding but dislikes carrots, loves art but dislike Grammar and has a major crush on one of the Scouts’ allies?
  10. What Sailor Scout dislikes physical education and any forms of physical exertion?
  11. What Sailor Scout is very studious, mostly interested in theirs studies and only interested in their duty of being a Sailor Soldier?
  12. What Sailor Scout has strong emotion towards religion and towards family?
  13. What Sailor Scout loves Cherry pie, picking flowers and is semi-paradox kind of girl ?

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