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Gathering The Flock: Sailor Moon Style

The Star Lights' Profiles

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Sailor Star Lights Profiles


Sailor Star Fighter
Name Meaning: Star Field Light
Japanese Name: Seiya Kou
Birth date: July 30
Astral Sign: Leo
Height: 5’5’’
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: American Football
Responsibilities: Lead Vocals (Keyboard, Writing Lyrics, Composing music)
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Foods: Hamburger
Best School Subjects: P.E.
Worst School Subjects: Literature
Club Membership: American Football
Weakness: Girls (^_^)
Moves: Star Serious Laser
Transforms: Sailor Star Fighter

Information about the Character:

• Sailor Star Fighter develops an attraction to Usagi; Haruka is very protective over her.
• Seiya is somewhat arrogant and rude
• He is devoted to protect Princess Kakyuu and Usagi
• Seiya is the main vocalist for the group” Three lights”. He, Yaten, and Taiki are the three members of the band and they are also the three members of the Sailor Starlights. They are on Earth looking for their Princess
• Serena Is totally unaware of Seiya’s feelings and thinks he is just a friend
• Seiya has short black hair with a pony tail. He have blue eyes and he wears grey star earrings


Sailor Star Healer
Name Meaning: Night Sky Light
Japanese Name: Yaten Kou
Birth date: Feb. 8
Astral Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5’0”
Age: 16
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Photography
Responsibilities: Keyboard (Arrangement)
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Foods: Caviar
Best School Subjects: Art
Worst School Subjects: P.E.
Club Membership: Homecoming
Weakness: Physical Exertion
Moves: Star Sensitive Inferno
Transforms: Sailor Star Healer

Information about the Character:
• Yaten is obnoxious, self-centered attitude and he have a “comment” towards everything anyone has to say
• Yaten is worst than Rei when picking on Usagi
• Yaten is the shortest of the Starlights
• He have white hair with a long ponytail, with pea-green eyes and seems to be always in an indifferent
• Yaten is a pretty boy
• He is loud, rude, extremely impatient, and has a very sensitive temper
• He is kind to Luna (who’s has a crush on him)
• Yaten, Seiya and Taiki are on Earth to look for their Princess, Princess Kakyuu.
• Yaten is in the group “Three Lights” as well
• He, Taiki and Seiya are three members of both the “Three Lights” and the Sailor Starlights.
• Yaten dislikes Physical Education and any type of physical Exertion, not a very active type is he
• Luna likes him.
• Yaten is Sailor Star Healer, one of the Sailor Starlights
• The Sailor Starlights are men that turn into women
• The outers dislike the Sailor Starlights


Sailor Star Maker
Name Meaning: Atmosphere Light
Japanese Name: Taiki Kou
Birth date: May 30
Astral Sign: Gemini
Height: 6’2”
Age: 16
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Reciting Poetry
Responsibilities: Guitar (lyrics)
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Foods: Sushi
Best School Subjects: Literature
Worst School Subjects: P.E.
Club Membership: Literature
Weakness: Arguments
Moves: Star Gentle Uterus
Transforms: Sailor Star Maker
Information about the Character:
• Taiki is very studious; He is the top of his class
•  He has brown hair with a long ponytail and purple eyes
• Taiki is the smart and quiet one of the “Three Lights” and of the Sailor Starlights
• He is primarily interested in his studies and his duty, preferring to stay out of the other Sailor Scouts’ way and business
• He is probably the coldest of the Starlights
• Taiki isn’t the active type either…


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