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Gathering The Flock: Sailor Moon Style

Sailor Scouts' Profiles

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Character Profiles: Sailor Scouts


Sailor Moon
English Name: Serena
Japanese Name: Usagi Tsukino
Element of Influence: (N/a)
Birth date: June 30
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 5’0”
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Eating, Crying and Sleeping Late
Favorite colors: White and Pink
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Name Meaning:  Rabbit of the Moon
Favorite Food: Ice Cream and Cake
Best School Subject: Home Economics
Worst School Subject: P.E.
Least Favorite Foods: Carrots
Strengths: Crying and lateness
Weakness: Thunderstorms, Dentists, Lateness and Ghost
Goals: To marry Mamoru one day
Age: 14/16
Moves: Moon Tiara Magic, Moon Healing Activation, Cosmic Moon Power, Moon Scepter Illumination, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Rainbow Moon Heartache, Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, and Silver Moon Crystal Kiss
Transforms: Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Princess Serena, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Eternal Sailor Moon
• Usagi may drool over many gorgeous guys she meets but her heart belongs to her true love Mamoru.
• Mamoru used to tease her about her odd hairstyle by calling her “Meatball Head” but later he uses this nickname in endearment.
• Usagi and Mamoru relationship was tested many times throughout but these two lovebirds seem to away be together.
• She also finds out that she was the Princess of the Moon and that her mother had died trying to save her and the rest of her friends and send them to live in the future.
• In the future, Usagi is married to Mamoru and has a daughter named Rini; plus, she is the future queen and the ruler of Earth and Crystal Tokyo.
• Usagi is a crybaby, whiny, ditzy, walking disaster area.
• She is powerful as Sailor Moon and has a kind heart. She is always willing to save anyone rather than to kill
• Usagi is extremely naïve, innocent, and too trusting, as she tends not to know what is going on and trust anybody and everybody.
• Usagi was walking to school one day when she happened to save a cat from being tortured. The cat in actually was Luna, and her job was to find the sailor Scouts and the Moon Princess.
• Usagi is the best leader possible for the Sailor Scouts. She usually always ends up with the last blow to destroy the monster of the day and for the most part is the one who defeats the final villains.



Sailor Mercury
English Name: Amy Anderson
Japanese Name: Ami Mizuno
Element of Influence: Water
Birth date: September 10
Astrological sign: Virgo
Height: 5’2”
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Playing Chess and Reading
Favorite colors: Blue
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Name Meaning: Beauty of the water
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Best School Subject: Math
Worst School Subject: (N/a)
Least Favorite Foods: Hamachi
Strengths: Calculations, memory, and Strategy
Weakness: Love Letters
Goals: to become a Doctor
Age: 14/16
Moves: Mercury Bubbles Blast, Mercury Bubbles Freeze, Shine Aqua Illusion, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, and Mercury Aqua Mirage
Transforms: Sailor Mercury and Super Sailor Mercury
• Ami hasn’t had much of a boyfriend and romance seems to be her only weak point.
• Ami shows accomplish anything if she put her mind to it
• Ami is a genius with a rumored IQ of 300
• She always brings a book everywhere to study, even to concerts and other events.
• Ami first transfers to Juuban Junior High School and joins a cramming computer class
• Her family is extremely rich. Ami lives with her mother in an expensive apartment complex since her parents got a divorced.
• Her mother is a busy doctor, whom Ami admires deeply and her father is a traveling painter.
• She prefers peace over violence and thinks there is always a logical way to solve a problem
• Ami being very smart is always ahead of the others, but never shows off. She is very modest and very kind.


Sailor Jupiter
English Name: Lita
Japanese Name: Makoto Kino
Element of Influence: Thunder /Lightning
Birth date: December 5
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5’6”
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Shopping, Cooking and Cleaning House
Favorite colors: Pink and green
Favorite Gemstone: Emerald
Name Meaning: Sincerity of Wood
Favorite Food: Cherry Pie
Best School Subject: Home Economics
Worst School Subject: Biology
Least Favorite Foods: None
Strengths:  Cooking, Cleaning, and Physical Strength
Weakness: Airplanes
Goals: To own a Bakery and a Flower Shop
Age: 14 /16
Moves: Jupiter Thunder Crash, Jupiter Thunder Dragon, Jupiter Thunder Clap Zap, and Jupiter Oak Evolution
Transforms: Sailor Jupiter and Super Sailor Jupiter
• Makoto had a pretty tragic childhood
• She lives alone in an apartment because her parents were killed in an airplane crash
• She Had problems in her old school and was expelled; rumors were about her beating up a kid, it was spread so no one would be her new friend, at her new school, except for one….Usagi, who is attracted to her lunch and is impressed by her strength, cooking skills, and cuteness.
• Makoto is a semi-paradox sort of girl. While she is somewhat tough and has a quick temper, she enjoys cleaning, cooking, and other “Feminine” activities
• She is constantly attracted to a new boy, who she claims to look like her ex-boyfriend.
• Makoto is always being taken advantage of by good looking men
• Some Sailor Moon Fans’ have accused her of being bisexual because she chased after Haruka after finding out she was female but that was only because she admires her deeply
• She has also learned how to defend herself by using Kung Fu
• Her trademark are her rosebud earrings and her green toggle hair band
• When Makoto started out at Cross Roads Junior High, she wore her old school uniform due to she was too tall for the new uniforms
• Her best friend is Tomoko Takase
• Makoto wants to get married in the future
• As Sailor Jupiter, Makoto is a fierce and is the toughest Sailor Scout


Sailor Mars
English Name: Raye
Japanese Name: Rei Hino
Element of Influence: Fire
Birth date: April 17
Astrological sign: Aries
Height: 5’3”
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Telling fortunes and teasing Usagi
Favorite color: Red
Favorite Gemstone: Ruby
Name Meaning: Spirit/ Beauty of fire
Favorite Food: Fugu and Porgy
Best School Subject: Literature
Worst School Subject: Social Studies
Least Favorite Foods: Canned Asparagus
Strengths: Meditation
Weakness: Bad temper and television
Goals: To become a head Priestess
Age: 14 /16
Moves: Mars Fire Ignite, Mars Fire Bird Strike, Mars Celestial Fire Surround, and Mars Flame Sniper
Transforms: Sailor Mars and Super Sailor Mars
• Rei is a headstrong girl with a major temper
• She is devoutly Shinto, and therefore has powers that relate to that religion, such as receiving visions and being able to read fires
• Some of Rei’s other  interests outside of her Shinto life are composing songs and singing, proving that she is musically inclined, Rei attends TA Private Girls’ School, which is a Catholic girls-only school.
• The other girls at TA worship her even though oddly enough she is also rejected as being a weird shrine maiden with strange powers
• Rei’s “love interest” is Chad (Yuuichirou), who she has a big crush on but will not admit it.
• One of Rei’s other Shinto related powers is her anti-evil scrolls. She throws Her Ofuda and says ”Rin, Pyou, Toiu, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Sai, Zen, Akuryou Taisan!” Which means “Evil spirits be gone”(It is used to get rid  of evil enemies)
• Rei first love was Mamoru, which was forced to end when the Sailor Scouts discovered that Usagi was Their Moon Princess and Mamoru was Usagi’s true love.
• Rei has lived with her Grandpa since she started grade school
• She has two pet crows named Phobos and Deimos, They gives Rei’s her Mars’ Crystal (in the Manga version only!!))



Sailor  Venus
English Name: Mina
Japanese Name: Minako Aino
Element of Influence: (N/A)
Birth date: October 22
Astrological sign: Libra
Height: 5’2”
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Chasing Idols and Shopping
Favorite colors: Orange, Yellow, and Red
Favorite Gemstone: Topaz
Name Meaning: Child of Beauty and Love
Favorite Food: Roman Noodles, Curry, Spaghetti, and Stutted Dumpling
Best School Subject: P.E.
Worst School Subject: (N/A)
Least Favorite Foods: Shiitake Mushrooms
Strengths: Relaxing and Idolizing
Weakness: Her mother and the Police
Goals: To be a Star
Age: 14 /16
Moves: Venus Crescent Beam Smash, Venus Crescent Beam Shower, Venus Love and Beauty Shock, and Venus Love Chain Encircle
Transforms: Sailor Venus, Sailor V ((in Manga)), and Super Sailor Venus

• The Planet of Venus, represents the symbol of grace and natural beauty
• Minako goes to a different Junior High School then the other Scouts
• She is like Usagi… well, they could be twins. They look almost alike, except that her hair color shade is different, and they have many moment throughout Sm Series when they do exactly the same things
• Minako was the first Sailor Scout, umm…Sailor V; after she meeting Artemis.
• She fought villains as Sailor V, and she found friends with Alan and Katharine, a Police Officer, while living in England
• She fell in love with Alan, But Alan and Katharine were lovers
• Katharine was investing a warehouse, when a grenade exploded inside and she though Minako was killed inside. It was Minako’s end as Sailor V, She watched as Katharine and Alan embrace each other then she realized they were in love and so she left, leaving them to think she was dead
• Minako is the pretty blonde scout and she is also regarded as the sexiest
• Minako loves helping people. She demonstrates this when her friends were sick and she tried to help them to get better… well, umm I said tried *__*


Sailor Chibi-Moon

English Name: Rini
Japanese Name: Chibi-USA
Birth date: June 30 ((in the 30th century))
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 3’10” / 4’2”
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Stealing Usagi’s belonging
Favorite colors: Pink and Red
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Name Meaning: Small Rabbit
Favorite Food: Pudding
Best School Subject: Art
Worst School Subject: Grammar
Least Favorite Foods: Carrots
Weakness: Staying home alone and being be herself
Goals: To become a Lady
Age: 5 / 10
Moves: Luna Ball Kitty Magic, Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Twinkle Yell, and Moon Gorgeous Meditation
Transforms: Sailor Chibi Moon, Princess Rini, and Super Sailor Chibi Moon
• Chibi-Usa’s real name is Usagi Tsukino, but the nickname is what everyone calls her back at home is Small Lady. Chibi-Usa comes from Crystal Tokyo, the Utopia in the 30th century. She is Neo-Queen Serenity’s and King Endymion’s only daughter, or can also be referred as Usagi’s and Mamoru’s future child
• Chibi-Usa develops a crush on Helios in his human form, and the feelings are mutual
• Chibi-Usa does not seem to like her mother in the past and they are always fighting
• She gets turned into the evil Wicked Lady when she thought that no one loved her. Chibi-Usa was turned back into her normal self but there were two different stories of how that happens
• Chibi-Usa makes a friendship with Hotaru Tomoe and the other scouts were against it
• She also has feelings towards her future father, Mamoru. She Loves him, but not as a daughter and father relations. If you get what I am saying ~__*


Sailor Uranus
English Name: Amara
Japanese Name: Haruka Tenou
Element of Influence: Earth
Birth date: January 27
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Height: 5’9”
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Running, Sports and Motorcycles
Favorite colors: Gold
Favorite Gemstone: Amber
Name Meaning:   Distant Sky King
Favorite Food:  Salad
Best School Subject:  P.E.
Worst School Subject:  Modern Japanese
Least Favorite Foods:  Hatio
Strengths: Sports and Car racing
Weakness:  Confessions & Girls *__^
Goals: To become a World-Class Racing Driver
Age: 17 /19
Moves:  World Shaking and Space Sword Blaster
Transforms: Sailor Uranus and Super Sailor Uranus
• Haruka is very handsome/ pretty girl who sounds like, look like and usually dresses like a man.
• Her passion is to become as fast as the wind, which is often spoken about in reference to her
• She is a very talented pianist, Haruka loves to show off her skills; And sometimes, she is plays with Michiru
• Haruka is in the 10th grade and goes to Mugen Gakuen High School; she wears the male school uniform.
• She is the dominating partner of the duo, consisting of herself and Michiru, and she is very possessive over Michiru.
• Haruka enjoys teasing and flirting with girls
• She is willing to sacrifice anyone that is in her way, including herself or Michiru though she has qualms about letting Usagi die
• Sailor Uranus is the strongest Sailor Scout where physical ability is concerned
• She controls the element of earth and sky, as many referred to her as that she’s like the wind—She there one minute and next she’s gone. 
• Haruka also a bit of a cross dresser as many mistake her for a boy because of her short hair and choice of clothes
• Haruka and Michiru’s personalities reflect each other---making them perfect for each other!
• Haruka cannot stand to see people hurt, although she knows she must find the talisman’s—She tries to help Sailor Moon while She does it
• She wanted to become a race car driver, but because of her fate she had to give it up
• Haruka and Michiru are lesbians in the original series although the Dub Anime, They are cousins
• Their relationship caused a stir among many Sailor Moon Fans at the time


Sailor Neptune
English Name: Michelle
Japanese Name: Michiru Kaiou
Element of Influence: Water
Birth date: March 6
Astrological sign: Pisces
Height: 5’4”
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Playing the violin, swimming and cosmetics
Favorite colors: Teal
Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine
Name Meaning: Full / to rise Sea King
Favorite Food:  Sashimi
Best School Subject:  Music
Worst School Subject:  None
Least Favorite Foods:  Kikurage
Strengths: Painting and musical talent
Weakness:  Sea cucumbers
Goals: To be a Violinist
Age: 17 /19
Moves:  Deep Submerge and Submarine Reflection
Transforms: Sailor Neptune and Super Sailor Neptune
• Michiru is a beautiful, rich, and Elegant. Her personality is one  of a Lady, or a “princess”, As Usagi’s says
• Michiru is very polite and nice to everyone, and admired /envied by the other Sailor Scouts.
• But as Sailor Neptune, she is colder than her civilian form
• She occasionally plays with Haruka on the piano while she performs on the violin a number of times
• She and Haruka are both best friends and lovers; Although they are not that out in the open about their relationship
• Michiru and Haruka are extremely dedicated to each other. She frequently puts her life  and others on the line to save Uranus’
• Michiru attends Mugen Gakuen and is in her first year there ((10th grade))
• She can often sense if something is wrong by looking at the sea
• Michiru always wanted to be with Haruka and drive along the beach with her in her car but she never told Haruka until she decided to become Sailor Uranus.


Sailor Pluto
English Name: Trista Meioh
Japanese Name: Setsuna Meiou
Element of Influence: Time
Birth date: October 29
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Height: 5’10”
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Shopping and watching and taking care of Hotaru and Chibi-Usa
Favorite colors: Dark Red
Favorite Gemstone: Garnet
Name Meaning: Momentary Dark King
Favorite Food:  Green Tea
Best School Subject:  Physics
Worst School Subject:  Music
Least Favorite Foods:  Eggplant
Strengths: Offering Guidance
Weakness:  Cockroaches
Goals: To Become a Fashion Designer
Age: 18 / 21
Moves:  Deadly Scream and Time Freeze
Transforms: Sailor Pluto and Super Sailor Pluto
• When Chibi-Usa is sick, Luna-P turns into a hologram of Sailor Pluto
• Setsuna is bound to a sad life of standing alone and guarding the entrance to the time space door
• She is a college student; Setsuna goes to the same college as Mamoru.
• Setsuna is a distance guardian over Chibi-Usa for the 20th century. She was sent back by Chibi-Usa’s Mother, Neo-Queen Serenity ((from the 30th century)), to protect her and watch over her.
• She guards the gate of time with her Garnet Rod <shape like a key>
• Setsuna is a mysterious and beautiful but she does not actively fight along the other Sailor Scouts


Sailor Saturn
Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Element of Influence: Death and Healing
Birth date: January 6
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Height: 4’8”
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Reading and collecting Lamps
Favorite colors: Violet
Favorite Gemstone: Fluorite
Name Meaning: Firefly of the Earth
Favorite Food:  Roman Noodles and Nihon Soba
Best School Subject:  World History
Worst School Subject:  P.E. (Gym)
Least Favorite Foods:  Milk
Strengths: To heal Injuries
Weakness:  Physically Weaken
Goals: To become a Doctor
Age: 1 / 5 / 12
Moves:  Death Reborn Revolution, Silence Glaive Surprise and Silence Wall
Transforms: Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Saturn

• Hotaru is a sheltered, lonely girl with no friends except for Chibi-Usa
• She attends Mugen Gakuen in the Sixth grade, and she is 12 years old
• She is a very weak child and any physical exertion causes her to collapse; she suffers from frequent seizures
• Hotaru has a strange power of healing
• Other students are frightened by her and so they try to avoid her
• Hotaru lives in isolation with her father, Professor Tomoe, in her home, and Kaori, his assistant
• Her mother died in an accident when she was younger. Originally, her father was good but during a lab explosion, Hotaru was killed. An entity appeared before Dr. Tomoe and said that it could save him and his daughter. The entity then took over Dr. Tomoe’s body and from then on, he cultivated Hotaru so that she could let another entity take over her body---namely Mistress 9, The Messiah of Silence
• Mistress 9 manages to take over Hotaru’s body for a short periods of time; during this time, Hotaru has no memory of what happen and during this time that she attacks those around her
• Mistress 9 Also uses Hotaru’s seizures to tell Dr. Tomoe to get her more Heart Crystals
• She is Sailor Saturn, The messiah of Silence, the one who will bring an end to the world. They must prevent her from awakening
• Her’s father, Dr. Tomoe, Has genetically modified Hotaru’s body to stop her from dying

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